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    Onions much like potatoes have numerous varieties but one major distinction separates several varieties. That being said “Sweet onions” verse “Domestic onions”.
    The domestic onion also known as long day or storage onions have less moisture, more mass and are best suited for processing and dehydration.
    The Sweet onion also known as a short day or fresh onions have a higher water content and less mass which creates a sweet or mild flavor. These varieties are used for canning, grilling, salads or caramelizing.

This product is available year-round with various sourcing.

Common PLU Numbers
4659 Bulb
4082 Red
4663 White
4665 Small yellow/Brown (23/4 size and smaller)
4093 Large yellow/Brown (3 size and larger)
4159 Vidalia
4161 Texas 1015s
4163 Walla Walla
4164 Maui
4165 Califomia Sweet
4166 All Sweet

Footservice Packs

  • 50 # cartons/sacks
  • 40 # cartons
  • 25 # cartons/bags

Consumer Packs

Softmesh/High graphics bags 12/2#, 12/3#, 10/5#, 15/2#, 16/3#, 24/2#


Bermuda-granex-grano types

  • U$ # 1
  • U$ # 2

White Onions

This type of onion has a white skin and a mild white flesh. These onions tend to have a sharper and more pungent flavor, with a thinner more papery skin.

Red Onions

This onion sometimes called purple has a purplish red skin and white flesh tinged with red. These onions have a slightly less tender and meaty layers.

Yellow Onions

This type of onion has brown skin and white flesh. Often considered the all purpose onion because of the balance of astringency and sweet flavor the longer they are cooked.


Cool dark area with good ventilation - Never freeze

Onion fun fact- Why you cry…

When a onion is sliced, the cells are broken, allowing enzymes to break down creating sulfur dioxides, which become a gas that reacts with the eyes sensory neurons creating that stinging sensation and thus the tears.